Lite version of our cabaret show ROSE

Smaller size of our acclaimed show at Marseille Provence 2013 and Festival OFF d’Avignon 2013. This version was created at l’Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat in May 2014.

Little Rose Trailer from Daniel Gulko on Vimeo.

A show soft as a feather that will redden your cheeks...
A transvestite, with charm as thick as her make-up,
presents a modest cabaret - "artists" : a woman and a
man and "technicians" : a man and a woman.
Things do not go as planned, roles get mixed up until ending up all equal, in the end, in the most noble of apparels -skin.
A tender, sometimes acid, and very funny look at the limits of intimacy - the red lines we draw, and those of others that we immediately cross gracefully or awkwardly.

JPEG - 70.6 ko

Manipulation of giant stuffed animals, sliding cloud swing, dance,
feather fans, whips and fakirism to explore the space of
the intimate and the subtle.

Conception and direction : Gulko
assistant direction : Anna Cottis
Technical direction / Sound : Julien Frenois
Costumes : Natacha Costechareire
Lights : Nanouk Marty
Scenographic Conception : Gulko with the participation of the team
Construction : Serge Clavier

With :
Fanny Austry, Pierre Glottin, Gulko, Nanouk Marty, Julien Frenois

The show last 60 minutes. Suitable for audiences from age 10 and up. It contains nudity and adult themes. It can be accompanied by a workshop and artistic actions.

Lighter more condensed version of ROSE, Little Rose is conceived to play in a space - minimum 8 m x 8 m by 6m height.
The sound is recorded and live.
Touring team : 3 artists, 1 stage manager/ sound, 1 light technician, 1 production manager, a total of 6 persons.