Conception,direction, choreography and performing

Gulko is the artistic director of the radical circus company Cahin-Caha.

American born, this polyglot polydisciplinary wanderer has spanned 4 continents in 30 years of creative mayhem. Gulko spent the 80’s in Québec navigating between experimental and street performance, political art and modern rituals.

Associated artist at the “Centre National des Arts du Cirque” (2004-2005 and 2007-2008) where he founded the Nomadic Creation Lab project for international research in circus. Supported by the BNP-Paribas foundation (1999-2005). Secretary on the board of trustees for “Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe”. Clown and dancer, he has collaborated with: Mimes Omnibus, Cirque du Soleil (Montréal); Ctibor Turba (Prague); Keith Hennessy (San Francisco) and Jiyu Geki Jyo (Tokyo). Based in France since 1993, as a founding member and stage director of the circus collective « Pocheros ».

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(created 1998), self-defined as “bastard circus” because of the mongrel pedigree of its performers, has the goal of provoking new relations between cultures and diverse forms of expression – circus, dance, theatre, visual arts, video and literature. Internationally renowned, supported by the Ministry of culture and the city of Marseille, productions include: “raWdoG” 1988-2002, “Cabaret Imprudent” 2001, Grimm 2002-2005, Moby Locked Up 2007-2009, "REV" 2010-11, "Rose 2013").

Gulko : “I work in the area between experimental circus, ritual theatre and body art. In order (not to be) precise I name it ‘Zen-anarcho-surrealism’.”

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