BOTTOM [création 2017]

Clown Solo

The choice of a solo was born of a desire for simplicity and a return to the stage. This choice gives me the chance to continue a poetic and subversive expression in a light and simple form. I have entrusted the direction to Adell Node-Langlois, colleague of long date in my Pocheros years and an accomplished clown with a range as tragic as it is delicate. BOTTOM originates in the question of the place of love in a person’s life. Not that romantic love, idealised, longed for or bemoaned, rather that self-love reflected in the mirror of a loved one or resonating in solitude. A path of love that is built by learning to love oneself - all the multiple beings that inhabit us. The concrete existence of everyday life always interrupts these lovely thoughts - the water glass breaks, there are dirty clothes and the remains of dinner to clean up...

The life of Bottom unfolds in episodes : the first part created in 2015 FOU CHEVAL [30 minutes] - available to play in a variety of conditions. In 2016, BOTTOM [70 minutes] - a full theatre performance available for automn 2016.

BOTTOM from Daniel Gulko on Vimeo.

Duration 70 minutes
For all audiences (recommended age 10 years and older)

Director’s Note
This clown comes up, big and long shaggy black coat, skunk-fur hat, big shoes, face flushed and bleached by the years, big nose, beard, tender and open gaze.
He dresses up as a woman and then back to man or animal, or other life form less recognizable. At the center of this, looking for Love: wild animal, untamed, always mysterious, and beautifully surprising when it comes to curl up on our knees.
And if this animal appears in multiple forms in a lifetime, its most ferocious form is that which resides within us. That is the leader of the pack, the most urgent love-animal to tame.
Adèll Nodé-Langlois

Conception, writing & play Gulko
Direction & co-writing Adèll Nodé-Langlois
Technical direction and sound Julien Frénois
Lights Lucie Delorme
Costumes Virginie Breger
Administration, production in’8 circle • maison de production

With the support of the Pôle Cirque Méditerranée [Marseille], 3 bis f lieu d’arts contemporains [Aix-en-Provence], Cosmos Kolej – La Gare Franche [Marseille], the Daki-Ling [Marseille], the Nordic House [Reykjavik - Iceland], of Cirk La Putyka [Prague – Czech Republic] and of Château de Monthelon [Montréal, 89].

Touring • 1 artist, 1 stage manager / sound & light
Minimum space • 6 m x 6 m by 5m height
The sound is recorded and live.
Can be accompanied by a workshop and artistic action.

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