Adèll Nodé-Langlois


Actress, clown, stage director

In the beginning of her career, Adell Node-Langlois was drawn to dance, taking classes with Peter Goss, Anne Koren, Jean Gaudin and Merce Cunningham. She then discovered the contemprorary circus and especially aerial work (trapeze, rope) and studied at the National Circus School of Montreal (Canada).

She co-created the collective circus Pocheros in 1993 (with Gulko, among others), touring in France, Europe, China, Cambodia and Australia. She has collaborated with companies like Circus Flora (USA), Le Cirque Plume, Arts Saut, and Cahin-Caha.
In 2001 she turned to a more theatrical approach, participating in research with Guy Alloucherie and the circus improvisation experiments of Ricochet Circus. In 2005, she pursued a clown-actor training at the National Circus Arts Center (CNAC), created by Paul-André Sagel with various teachers including Gilles Defacque from the Prato Theatre in Lille.

In 2007, she created Antigone, clown monologue at the Manege de Reims. This show has been presented 150 times in France as well as in Portugal and Finland. In 2014, she created Un bruissement d’elle, autobiographical show around the transformation of a woman into a clown. Gulko and Adell are creating together again, for the first time since 1996.