• BOTTOM [création 2017]

    Clown Solo

    The choice of a solo was born of a desire for simplicity and a return to the stage. This choice gives me the chance to continue a poetic and subversive expression in a light and simple form. I have entrusted the direction to Adell Node-Langlois, colleague of long date in my Pocheros years and (...) Read more...

    Lite version of our cabaret show ROSE

    Smaller size of our acclaimed show at Marseille Provence 2013 and Festival OFF d’Avignon 2013. This version was created at l’Hostellerie de Pontempeyrat in May 2014. Little Rose Trailer from Daniel Gulko on Vimeo. A show soft as a feather that will redden your cheeks... A transvestite, with (...) Read more...
  • Ô LIT

    Burlesque Circus-Dance performance - Creation 2019

    This laboratory examines the transition of states from waking to sleep, in a choreographic evolution around nine metal beds in a vertical dance. The first research focuses on the bed scenography and choreography. Read more...