Cahin-Caha takes a critical look at the society’s evolution and the human condition. This stance brings a constant renewal of its vocabulary, guarantee of an art in motion.

Cahin-Caha is a "physical theater”, because its expression goes beyond the technical codes of circus and aspires to delve the field of human relations. Cahin-Caha defends a creative process nourished by the fusion of forms of expression, rituals, experiential and cultural exchanges. This vision has allowed the company to propose new expressive languages on the border between contemporary art and popular culture.


- * an iconoclastic and irreverent creative process open to diverse forms : theatres, youth, clown, small forms, circus tents, site specific
- * flexible and multiple projects in various fields : Creations, [research>], and cultural action
- * the desire to put in place new forms of collaboration, support for emerging artists and funding of this work, before the constraints of production, which we call [research>].

Creations : raWdoG [1999] ; In Situ [1999] ; Le Cabaret Imprudent with Arthur H [2001] ; Grimm [2003] ; Draft for a Revolution [2005] ; Contrabbando [2007] ; Moby Locked Up [2007] ; REV [2010] ; ROSE [2012] ; Little Rose [2014] ; Fou Cheval [2015].

Cahin-Caha is under convention with the City of Marseilles, it is supported by the Region Provence-Alpes Côte d’Azur and the Conseil Général of Bouches-du-Rhône. Cahin-Caha is supported by the European Union for its activities in the european network CARE and is regulary supported by the French Institute for its international projects.