• REV

    Creation 2010

    REV speaks of the relationship between hope and suffering. The quest to live immensely our little lives. A clown, four circus artists and three singers. An explosive mix of circus, dance, song and theatre. REV par Smelly-dog-films We will look at our dreams as news channel about the world. (...) Lire la suite
  • Moby Locked Up

    Creation 2007, Circo-theatre inspired by Herman Melville’s Moby Dick

    In a society seduced by security and absolute perfection, the condition of liberty is uncertainty. Great American literature made minuscule in the head of a poor fellow. A decor that vaguely resembles a ship or a circus ring or an arena, the spectacle begins without the artifices of theatre, (...) Lire la suite

    Shadow tales (Creation 2003)

    Cahin-Caha deviates circus into a universe of passion, weaving its own thread through a tale of renunciation, of secrecy and betrayal, where the trials are not punishment but incitement, a path towards self-realization. Grimm by cahin-caha par cahin-caha Don’t expect children’s’ story-hour, but (...) Lire la suite
  • Cabaret Imprudent

    with musician-composer Arthur H at the Atélier 203

    A deconstruction of traditional cabaret, returning to its unruly roots, mayhem inside a highly disciplined staging, with a musical group, high-level artists, food and surprises. Music, Circus, Clown The cabaret is a warm, eclectic place, inspiring passages and meetings, even intrigues and (...) Lire la suite
  • raWdoG

    Created in 1999 Lire la suite
  • ROSE

    Off Kilter Cabaret, created 2013

    With ROSE, I revisit the origins, the essence of circus, in its morbid sensuality, tautly strung between EROS and THANATOS, between ARTIFICE and AUTHENTICITY. I put the spectator on this highwire. Progressively, from provocation to penetration, I want to seed trouble, open possibilities, (...) Lire la suite